M4D Gaming is looking for dedicated members to fill various positions in management.

The current positions open:

  • Recruiter
  • Scout
  • Video Editor
  • Content Recorder
Recruiter requirements:

You need to be dedicated and socially outgoing. Be able to work with other and understand the basics of a work environment.

**This is volunteer work, but you...
Hello M4D,

We have achieved a comfortable place with the site, we are going to move on forwards tweaking little things here and there. A couple of things added & fixed :

  • News & Announcement section now give us the latest sales on Steam. Check some really awesome deals.
  • Forums should be complete.
Bugs Fixed
  • Donations button is now fixed. (you can now give us your money)
  • Admin section on the forums; all admins should be able to see the corresponding section...
As we move closer and closer to our goal, we are working hard towards making the website as user-friendly as possible.

Here are some of the things that have been implemented in the website:

  • Streams! - Now we can add your channel to our website and whenever you are streaming it will give a notification to all users including non-registered peeps, that you are streaming and can look through your Twitch channel
  • Calendar is here!
  • Raffles! They have been streamlined and now we...
Hello M4D,

You might be wondering why our site looks different, we have a new and awesome site. I'd like to let you know all about it as soon as everything is in order.

So far here are the things that we know they are for certain:

  • You will have to re-register (it's better now) you can log in with your Steam account or you can create an account the normal and boring way
  • We are working on seeing if we can bring TeamSpeak 3 integration into the site.
  • As we are on our early...
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