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    As we move closer and closer to our goal, we are working hard towards making the website as user-friendly as possible.

    Here are some of the things that have been implemented in the website:

    • Streams! - Now we can add your channel to our website and whenever you are streaming it will give a notification to all users including non-registered peeps, that you are streaming and can look through your Twitch channel
    • Calendar is here!
    • Raffles! They have been streamlined and now we have our proper RNGesus picking through winners all done through our site.(no people needed except to set up and let the time expire)
    • Forums are almost finished, we think that all of the forums are about complete.
    • STEAM! more steam stuff. Steam integration comes with some awesome stats, like the most recently played games, most played games of all time and top owned games. You can check it out HERE
    • We have a join TeamSpeak 3 button that will automatly connect you to our server. (this is not the TS3 integration I've posted about before)
    • We also have added the "VOTE BF" button. Please don't forget to vote!
    • A slider...(sorta) this is one needs a little more TLC
    • We have a theme selector so that you can pick your own background and color located on the bottom left of the page. This allows you to customize your own colors so that the theme fits best with your artistic colors.
    • "Contact Us" button on the bottom creates a message that will be intended to the Admin staff.
    • Please make sure you are in the Steam M4D group by checking the bottom of the site and clicking our handy Steam logo.
    Like before, if you do have any suggestions or any other heads ups for the site, please let us know. Our team is working hard making sure that all commodities are set. Please bear with us if something looks funky, take a screenshot and put in in our Suggetion Box.

    Thank you all for your patience, please

    Director of PR
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